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                MULTI-FORMAT VALVE DAC

                Product Features:

                Silver wound transformers, silver internal wire, silver connectors

                WORLD PREMIERE:

                DAC1000 at Munich. Ypsilon’s long awaited new D to A Converter with discrete R2R, high quality resistors and fast logic. It has AES, COAX, BNC and Optical Inputs, that accept PCM 192/24 and USB that accept PCM and DSD files. DSD files are routed to a dedicated converter. 
                Also there is an I2S Input with HDMI connector. The analog stage uses a single-ended tube transformer coupled at its output. Includes a remote control.
                DAC1000 SE In the Silver Edition the resistors for the R2R are custom made naked foil resistors with virtually no drift with temperature and output transformer windings are with silver wire.

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